E-ISSN 2564-615X
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Genotyping Lupinus angustifolius cultivars with SRAP molecular markers and degenerate primers
1 Laboratory of Ecological Genetics and Biotechnology, Institute of Genetics and Cytology of NAS of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus  
Eurobiotech J 2017; 1: 200-201
DOI: 10.24190/ISSN2564-615X/2017/02.18
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We examined 18 combinations of SRAP primers with resistance gene analog (RGA) and chitinase degenerate primers in order to determine their utility for genotyping L. angustifolius. Primer pairs ResAn51-f/Me8, p-loop/Em5, TM/Me8, Chit3-r/Em5 were the most effective for detection of genetic polymorphism of different narrow-leaved lupine varieties.

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