E-ISSN 2564-615X
Research Article
Early phase value scan for biotechnology innovation
1 Mark Nuijten, MD, PhD, MBA, A2M, Amsterdam, The Netherlands  
Eurobiotech J 2017; 1: 159-164
DOI: 10.24190/ISSN2564-615X/2017/02.08
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The registration of a medicinal product by EMA or FDA used to be the main driving critical success factor for the future sales of a new medicinal product. The current additional important criteria for reimbursement decisions are cost-effectiveness and budgetary impact, which are taken into consideration in order to make a value for money decision. In order to maximize the chances of obtaining reimbursement at a maximum price, it is very important to have a well thought through strategy at the early onset of the development program in order to proactively cope with the emerging reimbursement hurdles.


This paper aims to provide a pricing, market access and reimbursement strategy, which is based on a strategic scan, sales forecast model, pricing model, and cost-effectiveness model. These models are interacted and linked with a discounted cash flow model in order to optimize the economic value of the company.

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