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GSTF1 gene expression at local Albanian wheat cultivar Dajti under salinity and heat conditions
1 Department of Biotechnology, University of Tirana, Albania  
2 Department of Plant Sciences and Technologies, Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania  
Eurobiotech J 2017; 1: 253-257
DOI: 10.24190/ISSN2564-615X/2017/03.10
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Plants have evolved effective defense mechanisms against stress-induced oxidative damages, among which an important role play glutathione S-transferases (GSTs). This huge class of proteins have been reported to increase in a number of crops under temperature and saline stresses. However, different wheat cultivars display specific characteristics of expression. In our study we controlled the transcription of GSTF1 gene at leaves of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) of local cultivar Dajti, evaluated previously as resistant toward salt and temperature stresses. Three different concentrations of NaCl, 50, 100, 200mM, were applied at plants germinated in Hoagland culture, and total ARN was extracted from leaves collected at 0-3-6-10-24-72 hrs after treatment. Seeds from the same cultivar were germinated in Hoagland culture under heat treatment, keeping controls at 25°C/20°C and the rest under a 35°C /25°C-day/night regime in a growth chamber. Total RNA was extracted after one week, 30, and 45 days following HT. RT-PCRs were performed using primers specific for GSTF1. Concentration of amplicons was evaluated in agarose gels. In conclusion, the transcription of GSTF1 at Dajti cultivar is reduced during the time of exposure on saline conditions, does not depend on salt concentration, and is not affected by prolonged temperature stress.

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